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Join Local Scenes an American e-commerce website giving sellers personal storefronts where they can list their products, goods and services. No Store? No problem! Be apart of a thriving community marketplace for everyone who loves arts and entertainment. Work from anywhere with our vendor marketplace program. All ecommerce levels are welcome. Bring your ideas to life start listing and help customers connect with your business. Make sales in person and on the go. Build your wealth, wisdom and have fun with others around the world! Sign up FREE and Live Your Dreams with Local Scenes!

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Create your Community

Contrary to popular belief, Groups are a good thing. It has roots in self care by creating a safe space. Start your own groups for business or personal reasons.

Booking & Scheduling

There are many variations of our services program available, the majority have book by date and time in some form. You create your own schedule.

Search for Stores

Find and search for stores that you know or stores near you. All Stores have a personal storefront that showcase only their products and services.

Personal Profile

Everyone has a personal profile once you signup. This is a basic membership and will always remain complimentary to Local Scenes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hey! Signing up is really easy here, look for the sidebar menu if you are on mobile, if you are on a computer look at the top right for the sign in sign up button or you can just click http://www.localscenes.org/my-account/

Store Setup

It will take less than 5 minutes for any seller to setup their store.

Whenever a vendor logs in for the first to their store it will have a “Store Setup” widget.

This will give them option to setup store essential setting at the very beginning.

If any vendor skipped setup widget or want to change any store setting in future then they can do this easily from their dashboard as well.

Just go to Store Manager -> Settings

Step 1: Vendors upon receiving orders gets the listing in order tabs, and from here they can check which order is still unpaid.

Step 2: The vendors can manually claim withdrawal by clicking on the “Withdrawal” button from Payments section here: Store Manager >> Payments

Upon clicking the withdrawal button, the vendor can submit a request to avail their earnings by selecting their order.

Once the request is submitted, the admin get the notification of the request and will be able to process the payments.

Step 3: Admin receives the request received by vendors and they can view it here: Store Manager >> Withdrawal.  From here the admin will be able to ‘approve’ or ‘reject’ the withdrawal request sent by the vendor and also add a note along with their action. 

Managing your products:

You will have all flexible options to add/modify your store products.

  • Regular & Sale Price
  • Sales price scheduling
  • Featured & Gallery image
  • Category & Tags
  • Any custom product taxonomy will be auto-supported
  • Shipping
  • Inventory
  • Tax
  • Attributes
  • Cross/Up sell products
  • Advanced options

You can add/edit almost all type of products using this. Supported product types are:

  • Simple
  • Variable
  • Downloadable
  • Booking
  • Appointment
  • Accommodation
  • Job Package
  • Resume Package
  • Virtual
  • External/Affiliate
  • Grouped
  • Rental

You also have power to create product custom fields from the settings panel. Supported field types are:

  • Text
  • Numeric
  • Textarea
  • Checkbox
  • Date picker
  • Time picker
  • Select box

You can create any type of custom fields and field groups of your own as well.

We also have Product Importer-Exporter. Vendors will be able import/export only their products.

Booking People

Booking Resources

For added flexibility, our bookings supports Bookable Resources that can be booked independently within a bookable product. Check the Has resources checkbox to enable a new tab:

There are two types of bookable resources:

  • Customer selected – A booking form shows a dropdown list of resources that the customer can select.
  • Automatically assigned – A resource is automatically assigned to a customer booking if available.

An example use case for a customer selected resource would be a room type, such as single and twin rooms.

An example use case for an automatically assigned resource would be a hair salon where the resources are staff and someone is assigned a booking.

After enabling resources, choose your type. If you have chosen Customer selected be sure to give your resource a label. This is what is shown on the frontend booking form. Resources can be used globally across multiple products.

If the booking can be made for multiple persons at once, tick the Has persons checkbox. Once selected, a new tab appears:

Bookings has persons

You can set a min and maximum for persons. Similar to duration, the customer can input a value on the frontend booking form, if enabled.

Persons also impacts the following cost options:

  • If multiple costs by person count is enabled, all costs are multiplied by the number of persons the customer defines.
  • If count persons as bookings is enabled, the person count is used as the quantity against the block. Remember the max bookings per block setting above? That determines the upper limit for allowed persons per block. Once the limit is reached, more persons cannot book.

The Persons tab also allows you to define different prices depending on the person type. You might want to offer a different price for children or for teachers on a museum tour for example. To set up different person types, tick the Enable Persons Type checkbox in your Persons Tab:

Bookings person types

Once you tick this checkbox, you have the option to add multiple types.

Give your Person type a name and define the cost for the type. Adding a description is optional.

You can define a minimum and a maximum number for each person type. For example, you could require at least one adult for each booking while making children optional (minimum 0). If you leave Max blank, there are no other restrictions than those of the bookable product itself.

Bookings person types example

Clicking the Unlink button will remove the person type from the product. The person type will still exist, but be hidden, this is so previously created bookings are not broken.